When it comes to speaking a language well, it is necessary to know the meaning of the words, as well as their correct pronunciation. Perhaps this is the point that costs the most when learning a language. It produces fear or a sense of failure if we say something that is not correct. However, how do children learn? Children are like sponges that absorb everything from a very young age. In classes, they are active and participative. They are not afraid of being wrong or saying something wrong.

However, adults are afraid of failure. So as teachers we must consider that the elderly lose their fear of embarrassment. To do this, our classes must be very empathic and help our student as much as possible so that he can function well without prejudice.

What do you think is more important, grammar or phonetics? In order to pronounce words correctly, we need to know their origin or their writing. Likewise, it is necessary to know how to write them well in order to fully understand their meaning. Both in English and in Spanish for foreigners, the teacher must promote innovative methodologies for its correct use.