Would you like to learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way?

Do you want to improve your level of Spanish?

What are you waiting for? I help you to achieve it. I have over six years of experience teaching classes. I offer you the first free class so that we can get to know each other and for you to tell me about your goals and objectives. I will adapt to you so that you enhance your abilities. My classes last 50 minutes, where we will improve vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc. We will emphasize what interests you the most and we will look for all the tools to enhance it.


How are the classes

I teach my classes through the  Zoom platform. At the time that suits you best and from wherever you want, we can start practicing the Spanish language. You only need a computer and download the program, which as you will see is very easy to use. If you have doubts about how to do it, I will explain step by step how to do it. In the classroom, we will share resources, listen to audios, learn vocabulary and you will leave the class with the feeling that you have had fun and you have also learned.


I have a degree in humanities and journalism and I have specialized in specific courses to be able to teach Spanish. I am fascinated by teaching and for the last few years.

Online studies

I have always preferred to work more online than in person, since I love the convenience and advantages that this method offers my students.


Living abroad for a couple of years has allowed me to get to know different accents and levels, which allows me to teach in the best possible way.

the courses


Students repeat year after year as they value closeness, quality and good understanding on the part of both. I like my classes to be close so I can get to know each other well. This allows me to see their confidence and in this way achieve the objectives together.

covid 19


Currently and given the circumstances we are experiencing from the pandemic, many people prefer the convenience of teaching online. Without a doubt, it is the future. Many of my students tell me that thanks to the online modality, they have been able to continue learning. I firmly believe that it is the future and that you learn the same or even more and better.


Why learn with me?


Classes adapted to your schedule

When is it best for you? We adapt the classes to your pace of life.


For all levels

Whether you want to learn from scratch or improve your Spanish.


Classes through Zoom

You just need a computer, tablet or mobile, install Zoom and that’s it!


Closeness and friendliness

Forget boring classes. Let’s learn together!


Your new Spanish teacher



My name is Cris and I was born in Barcelona. I have been educated in a bilingual school and I have lived abroad so I have an open mind towards the new and unknown, thus being a person passionate about languages and new cultures.

  • English
  • Italian
  • French

I wait for you very soon!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Learning Spanish will make it easier for you to communicate with our culture, as well as open your mind. See you!

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